Does Your Child Have the Camp Blues? Try Coding!

When another camp just doesn’t light them up…

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Remember how excited you were for your child’s first day of camp? Summer camp is often a favourite experience growing up; the camp fires, the swimming, the sing-a-longs – it’s what makes summers so memorable. What happens when you send your own kids to camp, expecting the same great experience? You can’t wait for the wee ones to get home and tell you all their stories from their time away. But, when you pick them up, you notice something off. They aren’t as chipper as they were when they left and they don’t seem as interested in sharing their sing-a-longs or stories about camp friends. You’re surprised! Your kids don’t yet know what to ask for, so you start looking more closely at their interests to determine what they want.

It’s a story we hear all the time.

You don’t want your children to miss out on the experience of summer camp, but it seems that the camp you sent them to just doesn’t fit them. You struggle with whether you should even send them anywhere this summer – then, you discovered Hatch.

Hatch is a summer camp devoted to teaching kids coding. If you’re not familiar, coding is what makes it possible to create computer software, apps and websites. Basically, everything we do on our computers, phones or tablets is made with code. Pretty neat stuff, and definitely something you could see your technologically-driven kids embracing.

You were slightly concerned about the social aspect – how can you make life-long summer camp friends while sitting at a computer all day? Well, coding is social-emotional. The kids can work on their own, but it is also a collaborative effort; they’re constantly working with others to discuss challenges and ideas, while at the same time developing the self-motivation to complete a project on their own.

And speaking of completing a project – once the kids showed you what they’d been working on this summer, this became a huge source of pride in your house. Creating something, from a blank screen into a tool or game, was an amazing confidence boosting exercise. The kids were just in awe of being able to show off something that started in their imaginations and came alive on the screen.

Needless to say, your kiddos will be going back to Hatch next summer, and are keeping up their skills with weekly classes during the school year. You feel so lucky to have found a camp they love and that also teaches them valuable skills in today’s ever-expanding world of technology. And that project you mentioned? They’re not done. They can keep working on it throughout the year to feed the spark that Hatch planted.

Hatch is a different kind of summer camp with something for everyone. The beauty of the coding camp is that everyone can fit in and find something they love. So, while your kids still get a good dose of the outdoors, they will be able to learn some valuable skills and make great friends along the way.


No matter what activities your child is interested in, there are excellent programs available to them. At Hatch, your children will learn coding and gain confidence in learning to problem solve. Learn more about camps, weekly classes and after-school programs, and sign-up today!



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